Winter Semester 2015

Johnny George   ジョニー・ジョージ

Thursday, 2nd period, room 518, Komaba Campus

English for Arts and Sciences II (Group 1)
Tuesday, 4th period, room K402, Komaba Campus

DIY TED (中級英語・GLP指定科目)
Tuesday, 2nd period, room 106 and 5th period, room 103, Komaba Campus

TL Presentation (中級英語)
Wednesday, 2nd period and 3rd periods, room 158, Komaba Campus

Gender and Race in Film (共通英語50)
Wednesday, 1st period, room 104, Komaba Campus

英語A2 Intensive(上の中級英語)
Monday, 4th & 5th periods, room

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